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Bryan Adams

Adams Contracting and Excavating, Inc. is deeply saddened to inform you that Bryan Adams passed away peacefully in his sleep, February 23, 2018. As many of you know, Bryan put up one hard and exhausting fight against Cancer. 

Bryan had a passion for the drill and blast industry, he truly loved what he did and loved being a business owner. During the month of February, with all his strength, he was determined to travel and attend his final International Society of Explosive Engineers conference in San Antonio, Texas where he could obtain his continuing education of eight credit hours and he did just that. Bryan Adams began his drill and blast career over 40 years ago in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and began a second venture in Arizona. 

He owned and operated:

A & A Enterprises 

Blasting Contractors

Adams Contracting and Excavating, Inc

A & A Drilling and Blasting, Inc. 

When Mr. Adams wasn’t running drills and taking shots, he was busy working and enjoying his Bison Ranch.

In honor of Mr. Adams, Adams Contracting and Excavating, Inc. will remain open for business.