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Completed Stabilization and Blasting Projects

Project Name: SRP Horse Mesa Dam 

Client: DBA Construction, Inc

Owner: SRP

Scope: Rockfall Mitigation; Slope Scaling, RCN and Deltax Systems, Multiple Rockfall Barriers

Date completed: July 2015 – 2016


Project Name: Touchmark at the Ranch

Scope: Installation of (2) Greenax Drape Systems

Owner: Touchmark

Date Completed: May 2016


Project Name: ADOT Cordes Junction – Flagstaff Highway, I-17

Client: FANN Contracting

Owner: ADOT

Scope: Night High Slope Scaling

Date Completed: April 2016


Project Name: SRP Moorman Flat  

Client: DBA Construction, Inc

Owner: SRP

Scope: Emergency Scaling

Date completed: December 2015

Project Name: ADOT Virgin River Bridge #6

Client: Pulice/Wadsworth JV

Owner: ADOT

Scope: High Slope Scaling 339 hours; Drilling for bridge foundations

Date completed: November 2015

Project Name: Emergency Rockfall Services I-40

Client: ADOT

Owner: ADOT

Scope: Scaling, Removal of Rockfall Debris

Date completed: June 2015


Project Name: Clearwater Hills: Lot 172

Client: Carmel Homes

Scope: Slope Stabilization via rock bolts; Rock Scaling

Date Completed: December 2014


Project Name: Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Client: Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Scope: Slope Scaling/Boulder Reduction

Date Completed: November 2014/2016


Project Name: Zone 27 Reservoir Excavation

Client: CLM Earthmovers

Owner: City of Prescott

Scope: 2500 sq ft Soil Nail System (Soil Nails, Mesh, Shotcrete)

Date Completed: March 2014      


Project Name: ADOT Globe Show Low HWY 60 Project MP 290, 295, 296, 321

Client: Show Low Construction

Owner: ADOT

Scope: High Slope Scaling; Rockfall Fence Repairs and Installation

Date Completed: February 2014

Project Name: ADOT 89; White Spar Road

Client: FANN Contracting

Owner: ADOT

Scope: Installation of Rock Bolts

Date Completed: January 2014


Project Name: ADOT 89; White Spar Road MSE Wall Anchors

Client: RGG United Contractors

Owner: ADOT

Scope: Installation of Wall Anchors

Date Completed: December 2013


Project Name: Blue Ridge Reservoir

Owner: US Forest Service

Client: Buck Mountain

Scope: Drill and Blast for Roadway, Installation of Draped Mesh Rockfall System

Date Completed: December 2013


Project Name: ADOT IH812101C-1-17; Coldwater Canyon – Crown King Road

Client: FANN Contracting

Owner: ADOT

Scope: Night Slope Scaling 86 hours; Rockfall Fence Repairs

Date Completed: October 2013


Project Name: Cherry Ave Slope Stabilization

Client: Hunter Construction

Owner: Coconino County

Scope: Installation of Rockfall Barrier and Scaling

Date Completed: August 2013  

Project Name: Zone 27

Owner: City of Prescott

Client: CLM Earthmovers

Scope: Drill and Blast for Waterline

Date Completed: 2013

Project Name: Ono Residence

Client: GM Hunt Builders

Scope: Drill and Blast for Home Foundation

Date Completed: 2013


Project Name: Mesa-Payson HWY. (SR 87) (MT ORD TO SLATE CREEK)

Client: FANN Contracting

Owner: ADOT

Scope: High Slope Scaling; 211 hours

Date Completed: March 2012


Project Name: COP Steel Tank and Well Site Improvements Tapestry Canyon

Owner: City of Phoenix

Client: Currier Construction

Scope: Installation of soil nail system, including mesh and shotcrete, rock scaling

Date Completed: January 2011

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